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Tau-PCI-E3 Adapter


Short range modem Tau-PCI-E3 Features:

Adapters Tau-PCI-E3 are designed for use in Intel-compatible computers with PCI bus for directly connecting computers to E3 communication links. It operates at distances of up to 440 m.

Currently available models are listed in Prices. Please, contact technical support if you are unsure which model to choose.


PC Bus Interface
Bus Type PCI, 33 MHz/32 bit
E3 Interface
Data Transfer Rate 34.768 Mbps
Line Code HDB3
Line Impedance 75 Ohm (Coax Cable)
Receive Signal Attenuation Range from 0 to -15 dB (up to 440m)
BER-tester 2e23-1 pseudorandom bit sequence
Error Detection Bipolar Violation
Board Size Height: 105 mm, Width: 128 mm
Operating Systems and Protocols
Linux PPP, Cisco/HDLC, Frame Relay
FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
(FreeBSD 7.x is not supported)
PPP, Cisco/HDLC, Frame Relay


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PDF  User's Manual in English
PDF  Driver Development Kit Manual in Russian

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