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Modem QLink-3000/B-ETV-SNMP

Discontinued, recommended replacement is: QLink-3000/M-ETV

Typical transmittion range on 26 AWG (0.4 mm) cable

Modem QLink-3000/B-ETV-SNMP QLink-3000/B-ETV-SNMP Features:
  • Up to 10 km over single copper pair
  • Line data rates from 208 to 2320 kpbs
  • Data rates from 64 to 2304 kpbs
  • Line code TC-PAM
  • Line protection
  • Ethertnet 10/100 Mbit/sec data port
  • QoS support (8 levels)
  • Local and remote loopbacks
  • Integrated BER tester
  • Console RS-232 port
  • Remote management
  • SNMP monitoring/control
  • Dry contacts alarm interface
  • AC or DC power
  • Declaration of compliance D-MDPD-8906

The QLink-3000 family of short range modems provides high-speed data access over single-pair copper wires. It can transmit data with rates up to 2304 kbps for up to 7.6 km (on 26 AWG cable). Using lower guage copper wire may allow you to attain greater distances.

Models with two data ports includes multiplexer and allows to transmit two independent data streams over single cooper pair. "Last mile" problem for E1 streams can be solved by modems with E1 (G.703/G.704, 2048 kbps) interface.

All device options can be setup by microswitches. Moreover for -SNMP models the device setup and all diagnostics options can be controlled from the special supervisory port (asynchronous RS-232, 9600, 8N1), from remote device (remote login) or via ethernet port by means of SNMP protocol.

The QLink-3000/B-ETV-SNMP modem can be AC or DC powered.

The device has an upgradeable firmware.


Line Interface
Line Copper twisted pair
Line Rate 208 - 2320 kbps
Loop Length Up to 7.6 km over 26 AWG copper wire
Connector Type RJ-45 (female 8 contacts)
Line Code TC-PAM
Transmit Timing Sources Internal Oscillator
From DSL loop
Overvoltage Protection SIDACtor
Overcurrent Protection Fuse
Interface Ethernet
Interface 100Base-T
Connector Type RJ-45 (female)
Data rate 64 - 2304 kbit/sec
Mode 100 Mbps Full-duplex,
100 Mbps Half-duplex,
10 Mbps Full-duplex,
10 Mbps Half-duplex,
or Autonegotiation
Address table size 15000 MAC addresses
Maximum packet size 4224 bytes, including MAC header
Protocols Transparent or Cisco-HDLC bridging IEEE protocol, automatically selected
Quality of Service 8 priority levels
Control interface
Connector Type RS-232 DCE, DB-9 (female)
Protocol Asynchronous, 9600 bit/sec, 8 bit/symbol, 1 stop bit, no parity
Modem Control Signals DTR, DSR, CTS, RTS, CD
Diagnoctic modes
Loopbacks Local, Remote
BER Tester Built-in
Control Via control port RS-232, from remote unit or over SNMP protocol
Box Desktop
Dimensions 158 mm x 64 mm x 225 mm
Power source
AC power source 176-264V, 50Hz
DC power source 36-72 V
Power 12,5 VA Max
Temperature 0° - 50°ะก
Humidity 0 to 80 %, non-condensing

Typical transmittion range on 26 AWG (0.4 mm) cable

Line Rate 272 kbps 784 kbps 2320 kbps
Payload Rate 256 kbps 768 kbps 2304 kbps
Reach 26 AWG 7.6 km 5.4 km 4.0 km


Some of the documents are in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® format

PDF  User's Manual for model QLink-3000/B-ETV in Russian
PDF  User's Manual for model QLink-3000/B-E1 in Russian
MIB  MIB-files for SNMP-management

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