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Zaptel 1.2.12 w/Leo Yuriev fix.ys  ::  2006-12-16 16:00

Вышел релиз драйверов Zaptel 1.2.12, куда включен фикс для ztcfg и zttool:

2006-11-29 17:22 +0000 [r1654-1657] Matt Frederickson <>

* ztcfg.c: Fix for #7860. Make sure we don't allow channel 16 to be set as clean in E1/CAS mode.

* zttool.c: Fix for broken cards that register channels that don't exist when you try to use them (#8300) Thanks Leo Yuriev!

Zaptel 1.2.12 w/Leo Yuriev fix.
ys  ::  2006-12-16 16:00
   Да, но месяца три-четыре прошло с первой засылки патча (-)ly  ::  2006-12-16 16:07

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