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Cable V.35 for multi-standard interface of PCM2D, PCM2L, E1-L, E1-XL, E1-XLC, QLink-144X, FOM8

  HDB-44 male   M-34 female
TXD-a 10 P
TXD-b 25 S
RXD-a 8 R
RXD-b 9 T
ETC-a 6 U
ETC-b 7 W
TXC-a 2 Y
TXC-b 3 AA
RXC-a 5 V
RXC-b 4 X
RTS 14 C
DTR 11 H
DSR 13 E
CTS 15 D
CD 12 F
GND 16,31,39,41,43 B
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