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High-speed Multiplexer Tau-104


High-speed Multiplexer Tau-104 Features:

Multiplexers of Tau-104 family are designed for use in Intel-compatible PCs with PC-104plus bus support. These multiplexers provide connection of communication and terminal equipment with V.35, RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, RS-485, X.21, V.10, or V11 interfaces to PCs.

Tau-104 multiplexer implements HDLC synchronous protocol. Data is transmitted over PC-104 bus in Master mode that ensures an effective use of PC's input/output bus.

Tau-104 multiplexer has two data transmission links. Each serial link of Tau-104 standard version is equipped with a multi-standard interface. Interface type is selected automatically depending on the type of the cable connected.

The adapter is supplied with Linux and FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x, 6.x drivers. There is a Driver Development Kit available for developers of special-purpose software.


PC Bus Interface
Bus Type PC104+ (PCI), 33 MHz/32-bit
Serial Interfaces
Data Transfer Rate per direction for each channel simultaneous operation 10 Mbps
Bit Rate Generator Independent per channel
Synchronous Protocol HDLC
Error Detection Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC-16, CRC-CCITT
Clock Options TXCIN, RXCIN, TXCOUT or DPLL, Software selectable per channel
Modem Control Signals DTR, DSR, CTS, RTS, CD
Operating Systems and Protocols
Linux PPP, Cisco/HDLC, Frame Relay
FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
(FreeBSD 7.x is not supported)
PPP, Cisco/HDLC, Frame Relay


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