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Modem Qlink-1000M

Discontinued, recommended replacement is: Qlink-3000


Modem QLink-1000M Features:
  • Up to 5.2 km over single copper pair
  • V.35/RS-530/Ethernet data interface
  • Line rate 1168 kbit/sec
  • Data rates from 64 to 1152 kbit/sec
  • Line protection
  • Configurable by DIP switches
  • AC or DC power

The QLink-1000M family of short range modems provides mid-speed data access over single-pair copper wires. It can transmit data with rates up to 1152 kbps (without a repeater) for up to 5.2 km. Using lower guage copper wire may allow you to attain greater distances.

It can be configured using DIP switches.

The modem data port operate in synchronous mode only. The data rate is from 64 to 1152 kbps.

The QLink-1000M family contains also the model with Ethernet interface (discontinued).


Line Interface
Line Copper twisted pair
Loop Length Up to 5.2 km over 24 Avg copper wire,
up to 3.7 km over 26 Avg copper wire
Connector Type RJ-45 (female 8 contacts)
Line Code 2B1Q
Line Rate 1168 kbps
Transmit Timing Sources INT (Internal Oscillator)
RCV (Receiver)
ervoltage Protection TVS
Overcurrent Protection Fuse
Digital interface
Connector Type V.35 or RS-530, DB-25 female
Data rates 64 - 1152 kbit/sec (N x 64 kbit/sec, N = from 1 to 18)
Clock Options TXC, RXC, ETC, ERC
Modem Control Signals DTR, DSR, CTS, RTS, CD
Ethernet interface
Connector Type RJ-45 (female)
Data rate 64 - 1152 kbit/sec
Duplex mode Half duplex or full duplex
Filtering rate 15000 packets/sec
Address table size 10000 MAC addresses
Testing modes
Loopbacks Digital, local, remote
BER Tester Built-in
Control By switches on front panel

Models differents

QLink-1000 QLink-1000M
Big box Small box
Built-in power supply External power adapter
Configurable by DIP switches or via RS-232 port Configurable by DIP switches only
Digital interface - V.35 (M-34 female) or universal (HDB-44 female) Digital interface - V.35 or RS-530 (DB-25 female)


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PDF  User's Manual for model QLink-1000M/B-V and QLink-1000M/B-530 in Russian
PDF  User's Manual for model QLink-1000M/B-ETH in Russian (discontinued)
PDF Справочник по интерфейсным кабелям Cronyx.

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