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Power adapter 220 VAC - 48 VDC


48 VDC Features:
  • Universal input voltage
  • Short circuit protection
  • High efficiency & reliability
  • Compact low profile package
  • Low weight

Currently available models are listed in Prices. Please, contact technical support if you are unsure which model to choose.


Note: the parameters listed below may vary slightly providing the adapter continues to be compatible with all appropriate Cronyx devices.

Dimensions 108 mm x 67 mm x 36 mm
Weight 350 g
Connector IEC-320 C14
Input voltage 100-240 VAC
Input frequency 47-63 Hz
Input current (rms) 0.5 A for 115 VAC, 0.3 A for 230 VAC
Safety ground leakage current 1.0 mA max at 240 VAC / 50 Hz
Connector IEC-320 C14
Output voltage 48 VDC +/- 5%
Output current 0.56 A
Output power 27 VA max
Ripple 1% peak to peak max
Over current protection Short circuit protection
Temperature coefficient +/-0.04% / °C max
Transient response max. excursion of 4% or better recovering to 1% of final value within 500uS after a 25% step load change
Connector Two solded wires ready to attach to terminal block
Cable length 190 cm
Operating temperature 0° ... +40°С
Storage temperature -40° ... +85°С
Relative humidity 5 to 95 % non-condensing
Efficiency 65% min at full ouput
Insulation resistance 50 MOhm minimum from output to ground
Inrush current 15 AMPS at 115 VAC, or 30 AMPS at 230 VAC at 25°C cold start
Withstand voltage 3000 VAC from input to output
Meantime between failure 100,000 hours minimum at full load at 25°C ambient
Emi requirements meets conduction limits of: FCC part 15 CLASS B; CISPR 22.2
Safety requirements meets or exceeds: UL 1950; CSA C22.2; TUV EN60950 IEC 950

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