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Digital Communication Equipment

WAN Adapters

Synchronous and asynchronous multichannel adapters for Intel-compatible computers. Supported interfaces include V.35, RS-530/RS-449, X.21, RS-232, E1 (G.703, G.704). Ideal for building routers based on Linux 2.4, 2.6.
Ready for IP-PBX Asterisk.

Short Range Modems

DSL modems for transmitting data over 2-wire leased lines. Digital interfaces V.35, RS-530/RS-449, X.21 or RS-232. Models with Ethernet (remote bridge) are also available.

HD-SDI, HDMI Equipment

HD-SDI fiber optic extender. SDI / HDMI repeaters, converters.

Fiber Optic Modems and Multiplexors

Devices for transmitting data over single-mode and multimode fiber. Modems have digital interfaces V.35, RS-232, RS-530/RS-449, X.21 or Ethernet (remote bridge). Multiplexors allow transmitting 4, 8 or 16 E1 channels, with optional serial data port or Ethernet port.

Equipment for telephony

The equipment for processing and transmission of voice data to E1 channels: VoIP, Echo cancellation, compression of voice data, primary multiplexers E1 with the analog terminations (FXO/FXS), Models with additional data port RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, RS-422, V.35, X.21 or port Ethernet.

Multiplexers E1, E2, E3

Fractional E1 access devices with V.35, RS-530/RS-449, RS-232, X.21 interfaces or Ethernet (bridges). It is possible to combine both data and voice traffic in the single E1 channel, with optional multichannel voice compression. Cross-connectors permits multiplexing E1 channels on per timeslot basis.

G.703 Interface Converters

Converters of G.703 interfaces (Unframed E1 2048 kbps and DS0 64 kbps) to serial interfaces V.35, RS-530/RS-449, RS-232 and X.21. Models with Ethernet interface are also available (bridges).

Chassis for Rack mount

Rack mount chassis 19'' for installing devices PCM2, E1-L, E1-XL, E1-XLC, E1-DXC, RM–°.

Supplementary Equipment

Remote Ethernet bridges with serial interface. Watchdog for enhancing stability of servers. Power adapters. Cables.

Discontinued products

Discontinued products.

Testing results

Testing results.

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